Quality Technology Industrial (QTI) and WOR(l)D Global Network and signs a joint venture

Quality Technology Industrial and WOR(l)D Global Network and , one of the most important Network Marketing company with more then 5 years’ experience in Technology Production and R/D, have signed a joint venture to build a partnership oriented to the research, development and building of mobile and wearable devices.
With this joint venture WOR(l)D and Quality Technology Industrial Ltd together became really
a giant of IT production in MLM Industry with a forecast per mont production of 3.000.000 wearable devices in 2016/2017 and 1.000.000 Smartphone in the same period.
The MLM Market has hit more than 200 Billion $ in 2015 and it’s one of the most growth industry on the market. The innovative distribution system together with the well-known economic crisis suffered in many countries, have brought the MLM again on the stage.

“We’ve discussed with Fabio for several months” – said Eva Zhou and Dragon Zhou, CEO and owners of Quality Technology Industrial. “For us is really important to have a strong differentiation in the market and WOR(l)D, its vision and top management, together with the distribution channel, represent a truly revolution in IT. The Mobile division will have a great benefits from this capital injection and we can bring some important changes and improvements to the products, since we are in time before the mass production.”

“It’s not just a partnership” Fabio Galdi, CEO of WOR(l)D Global Network said “This joint venture has two main goals. The first one is to empower of production capacity and to have a reliable partner to build amazing products with top-class features. The second one, very crucial, is the restructuration of entire Mobile division with new capitals, new engineers, new management, new products. This will not happen in a couple of days but it’s definitely what we need in this phase”
The first products developed after this Joint Venture will be the new INFOLIO smartphone family and the HELO smart band device, an innovative and revolutionary bracelet to measure your vital-signs in real time.